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Babel Street is a comprehensive data-to-knowledge platform that empowers users to uncover mission-critical insights in real-time. The platform offers various solutions such as Babel X, Babel Synthesis, Babel Channels, and Babel OASIS, enabling users to optimize time-consuming manual processes, map unknown relationships and key influencers, and curate real-time feeds of emerging situations around the world. Babel Street's Rosette technology enables users to match, identify, discover, and understand multilingual text, making it a valuable tool for cross-cultural communication.
Designed to cater to both government and commercial clients, Babel Street provides solutions such as global situational awareness, cyber security, insider threat detection, business continuity, and supply chain risk management. The platform processes extensive and accurate data in over 200 languages and uses patented linguistics technology for end-to-end automation making it a unique analytics tool.
Babel Street has an AI-enabled platform that uses cross-lingual capabilities, removing global language barriers to provide comprehensive data in a unique multi-lingual persistent search for actionable insights. By leveraging APIs, users can access a comprehensive range of sources across the digital universe.
With decades of experience serving the Fortune 5000, Department of Defense, and Public Sectors, Babel Street is a leading provider of law enforcement tools. The platform supports targeted operations for police departments facing up-ticks in violence and recruitment and retention issues. Babel Street is committed to providing the best-in-class customer service while ensuring principled data stewardship.
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