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Ava is an innovative virtual assistant powered by OpenAI's Davinci 3 model with over 175 billion machine learning parameters. It is accessible on WhatsApp and offers users quick and intelligent responses to a vast range of questions, including ones about cooking recipes or knowledge-based topics. Ava's capabilities go beyond answering questions, as it also provides features such as language translation, reminders, and book synopses. The enterprise package also offers personalized AI behavior for each team member.
Users can choose between different pricing packages, including a free package, an individual package for $9 per month, a team package for $15 per user per month, and an enterprise package with advanced organizational controls. The free package allows for ten messages per month, end-to-end encryption, and secure hosting services for anonymous message processing. The other packages provide unlimited messages, customized AI behavior, and advanced security controls.
Ava's generous referral program aims to assist millions of people worldwide. Users can message Ava for free to discover the tool's potential and receive quick and intelligent responses. With Ava, users have a reliable and efficient virtual assistant at their disposal, making their daily routines much more manageable.
Starting at $9/mo
  • https://www.getava.io/?ref=spottheai
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