Automatic editing for podcasts and shows.

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AutoPod is a series of plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro that streamlines video podcast and show editing by automating many of the time-consuming editing tasks. Its advanced features enable automatic editing of multi-camera footage, allowing for up to 10 cameras and 10 microphones and removing the need for manual adjustments. With the ability to customize the editing process, including using either multi-camera or standard cutting, AutoPod makes editing more efficient and easier.
AutoPod also features a jump cut editor that creates cuts in footage based on silence, ideal for creating social clips that keep viewers engaged. The editor allows users to input the decibel cutoff for their specific microphones, ensuring a polished and seamless final product. Moreover, the social clip creator automatically resizes sequence settings and footage sizes depending on the selected aspect ratio, such as 1920x1080, 1080x1350, and 1080x1920. This feature adds auto-reframe, watermarks, and end pages based on personal preferences and saves the clips for easy batch exporting.
The plug-in is user-friendly, allowing even novice editors to employ the powerful automation tools that it offers. It is highly customizable, enabling users to save frequently used presets for even faster editing. AutoPod was designed by editors, for editors, streamlining their workflow and optimizing their overall experience.
Starting at $29/mo
Use Case
Podcast editing