Automatic Chat

24/7 AI-powered chatbot for businesses.

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Automatic Chat is an innovative AI-powered chatbot tool that provides businesses with instant customer support 24/7. The chatbot saves time and resources by answering customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. To set up the chatbot, users input their website URL and select the pages they want to be accessible, and Automatic Chat uses this information to train the chatbot, collecting relevant text in its database. Users are then given a one-line embed code to place on their website, and the chatbot is ready to go.
Automatic Chat offers various features to cater to the needs of different businesses, including quick response times, customizable branding and design elements, comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, conversation logs, and support for multiple languages. Furthermore, the tool emphasizes industry-leading data privacy and security policies by not storing any personal customer data beyond what is publicly available on the user's website. Additionally, the underlying technology, ChatGPT, supports multiple languages, allowing the chatbot to converse with visitors in their preferred language.
Automatic Chat prioritizes seamless user experience through customization and efficient performance. The easy-to-use interface helps businesses create an AI-powered chatbot that reflects their brand identity and efficiently serves customers. Automatic Chat is an excellent resource for businesses looking for a cost-effective and efficient customer support service.
Starting at $10/mo
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