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AI-powered content creation for WordPress.

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AutoBlogging Pro is an AI-powered tool that streamlines content creation for WordPress bloggers. By using the latest models from OpenAI's GPT, the tool generates optimized, high-quality, and comprehensive articles with targeted keywords, proper structure, paragraphs, and bullet points.
The system uses a proprietary process to ensure that the content is plagiarism-free and features images. Users can register for an account, add a domain, and manage keywords to adjust article generation limits. The AutoBlogging Pro WordPress plugin allows users to publish AI-generated content directly on their WordPress blogs. The tool includes calls-to-action, email opt-ins, and landing pages in the content to persuade the audience to take action and make purchases. By customizing the content for specific audiences, AutoBlogging Pro maximizes the potential for sales.
AutoBlogging Pro writes content in more than 25 languages - making it ideal for news aggregation, niche blogging, product reviews, and content curation. The tool offers multiple benefits, including saving time and energy, increasing earnings, and exploring new opportunities. AutoBlogging Pro provides users with an unlimited number of projects, ChatGPT API, content analysis, and limit generation quotas, among other features. Pricing ranges from a free plan that allows two articles to be generated monthly to a premium plan that permits users to generate 135 articles monthly. Overall, the AutoBlogging Pro tool provides AI-assisted content creation, curation, and publishing that helps bloggers automate their workload.
Free + Starting at $290/year
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