Automated Gmail email responses.

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Auto-Gmail is an innovative AI tool that revolutionizes support services by automatically generating responses to inbound emails within Gmail. Auto-Gmail's standout feature is its ability to synthesize entire email conversations, not merely the most recent message, and generate appropriate responses that fit the context. To use Auto-Gmail, users connect their Gmail account and input a reference document, such as a support document or help desk link, which Auto-Gmail uses to draft responses.
Auto-Gmail's vector database technology analyzes these documents to identify the most relevant elements for drafting appropriate responses, which the AI generates in the background and requires no agent intervention. Auto-Gmail offers Pro and Business pricing tiers. The Pro tier, priced at $47 per month, accommodates small businesses and consultants, utilizes GPT-3.5 and answers emails once per day. The Business tier, suited to larger teams with dedicated support agents, costs $97 per month, employs GPT-4 and offers metered pricing, with emails being answered throughout the day.
Auto-Gmail works with any customer support tool that integrates with Gmail and offers a straightforward sign-up process, optimized to save time and increase efficiency for individual users and teams handling support inquiries. With a significant emphasis on offering a personalized experience for clients while being a cost-effective alternative to traditional customer support solutions, Auto-Gmail offers an outstanding value proposition.
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