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AI-powered wellness vital sign app

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Attune Health Mobile App is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes health and wellness by enabling contactless measurement of vital signs. Using a smartphone camera and video imaging, the app measures essential biomarkers such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, HRV, stress levels, and hemoglobin in real-time. The app's cutting-edge technology allows for accurate and gender-specific results without the need for wearable devices.
The app guarantees the privacy of user data and has a wellness score feature, allowing users to track their wellness markers with ease. Users can use the app for their entire family, making it value for money. Furthermore, corporations can use the app to promote employee wellness, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.
Attune Health has a website featuring a help center, blog, and roadmap for users. The app is available for free download and is user-friendly, making it accessible and efficient. Overall, the Attune Health Mobile App is an innovative AI tool that enhances health and wellness by providing easy and affordable access to vital signs measurements.
Starting at $89/year
Use Case
Vital signs measurement