Atmo AI 4.0

AI-enhanced weather forecasting system

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4.0 | AI Tools
Atmo AI is an innovative hardware-software system utilizing Deep Learning and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) techniques to improve weather forecasting accuracy. With a focus on affordability and accessibility, Atmo delivers early and precise weather predictions to governments, businesses, and communities worldwide.
One of Atmo's major advantages is its ability to extend forecast horizons up to 14 days, showcasing spatial resolution levels up to 1 km² and spatial processing of up to 500 km² per minute. Atmo's integration of NWP and DNNs ensures an improvement of forecast horizon, spatial, and temporal resolutions. Moreover, Atmo has an exceptional range of operability, functioning from -30C to 45C without requiring a datacenter or even a roof.
Atmo's advanced technology provides citizens with early and accessible data to act upon, aiding national security and public safety by offering accurate and early weather predictions that enable governments to prepare for disasters accordingly. It also supports military organizations by anticipating extreme weather and mitigating weather-related risks.
Atmo's tailored and cost-effective solution is accessible to businesses, citizens, and organizations worldwide, which empowers them to obtain clear and accessible weather information to plan and make informed decisions. With a highly-qualified team of experts, including individuals specializing in AI, meteorology, and government, Atmo aims to empower leaders to safeguard and enrich their citizens through superior weather prediction.
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