AI experiment emulating RBG's reasoning.

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What Would RBG (Probably) Say? is an AI experiment developed by AI21 Labs that offers users the unique experience of asking Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg a yes or no question and receiving an AI-generated response. To create this innovative tool, the AI system was trained with a vast dataset of Justice Ginsburg's prior decisions, enabling it to generate a response that emulates her style of reasoning.
In addition to engaging with the renowned jurist and learning about the legal system, users also have the opportunity to sign up for AI Drops from AI21 Labs. This feature provides exclusive access to cutting-edge AI-generated content before it becomes available to the public. With What Would RBG (Probably) Say?, users can explore the possibilities of AI-generated decisions and deepen their understanding of the work of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Designed with user-experience in mind, this AI experiment offers a novel and educational approach to engaging with legal decision-making and exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence.
Use Case
Chatting with a judge