Ashleigh Travels

AI travel planner and virtual assistant.

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Ashleigh is a cutting-edge travel planning tool that leverages AI technology to deliver a personalized, end-to-end trip planning experience. By identifying each user's unique preferences and interests, Ashleigh offers tailored travel inspiration, generates bespoke itineraries, and provides access to a virtual assistant for any travel-related queries.
To start planning their dream trip, users need to answer a few simple questions about their preferences and interests. Based on this information, Ashleigh suggests potential destinations and generates customized itineraries packed with must-see attractions and activities, perfectly aligned with users' schedules and interests.
Furthermore, Ashleigh streamlines the logistical aspects of travel by offering users access to a virtual assistant. Whether booking flights, applying for visas, or securing the best deals for accommodations, Ashleigh's virtual assistant is there to help travel planning run smoothly and seamlessly.
A free trial version of the app is available, as well as a paid monthly subscription with unlimited access to travel inspiration, bespoke itineraries, and the virtual assistant. As such, Ashleigh is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to optimize their travel planning experience, streamline their itinerary, and maximize the enjoyment of their trips.
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