AI tool answers job application questions.

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Apply AI is a solution-oriented Chrome extension that aims to simplify the job application process. By leveraging advanced AI technology, this innovative tool provides answers to generic questions found in job applications. Apply AI works by reading the questions asked and using its AI capabilities to respond with quick and effective answers. It addresses typical "dumb questions" that job applicants frequently encounter throughout the application process. While not much information is given regarding the specific AI technology being used, the developers do mention relying on "open AI in the backend".
Apply AI is downloadable as a Chrome extension and offers a payment plan of $4.00 per month to help cover the cost of running the service. Interested individuals can reach out to the developers directly via email for additional information.
Overall, Apply AI's main objective is to alleviate the time-consuming and repetitive burden of answering generic job application questions by utilizing machine learning. The practicality and effectiveness of the solution will ultimately depend on the quality of the AI infrastructure employed.
Starting at $4/mo
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