AI assistant for lawyers automates tasks.

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Amto is an innovative AI assistant designed specifically for lawyers. Using the power of ChatGPT, it has been carefully trained on Indian laws and regulations to help lawyers increase their productivity, save time, and automate tedious tasks.
One of the key features of Amto is its ability to assist in legal document drafting, perform legal research, optimize SEO, and manage social media content. This means that lawyers no longer have to spend hours on these tasks – Amto can handle them with ease, leaving lawyers free to focus on more impactful work.
Another valuable aspect of Amto is its ability to provide a summary of changes in laws and regulations. This information is essential for lawyers to stay current and keep their clients informed.
Thanks to its advanced technology, Amto can understand the context and intent behind a query, generating highly detailed results that are tailored to the specific needs of lawyers. Moreover, Amto stands out due to its ability to detect inconsistencies in legal documents and suggest changes to ensure they comply with specific legal requirements.
Overall, Amto is an indispensable tool for lawyers who want to optimize their workflow and increase their effectiveness. It is readily available and easy to use through its user-friendly interface.
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