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AI-powered mobile app template maker.

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3.7(3) | AI Tools
Alta AI is a mobile app design tool powered by AI technology that simplifies the process of creating mobile app templates. The user-friendly tool offers a free AI template maker that enables users to generate text, images, and app screens in real-time without the need for credit card information. With 50 free AI photo and text suggestions, Alta AI supports users in building their apps quickly.
Moreover, the app provides auto-generated reports, offering valuable insights into app performance and customer engagement. It includes customer analysis features that enable users to get a complete view of subscriber preferences, streamlining their design process.
Alta AI's single software solution eliminates the need for using multiple tools, allowing users to personalize pre-built templates with their own branding or start with one of Alta AI's templates, such as a real estate app or a quiz app on homeowners' design styles.
Users can access Alta AI's premium features by upgrading their free account. These features include data collection and integration with Airtable, along with dedicated support via email, chat, and phone. It further allows adding videos from YouTube and publishing the app on iOS and Android.
Overall, Alta AI is a user-friendly and efficient tool that anyone can use to design mobile app templates quickly and easily.
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