AI-powered research platform for investors.

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AlphaResearch is a comprehensive research platform, powered by AI, that caters to individual and institutional investors worldwide. This innovative tool gives users access to millions of documents, filings, transcripts, and reports from across the globe. The platform's Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques extract insights from these texts and traditional financial data, providing users with valuable information.
AlphaResearch presents a powerful search engine that helps users to quickly navigate and find the exact insights they require. It also offers accessibility to institutional-grade fundamental data, market data, news, and analyst estimates.
Apart from these features, AlphaResearch also includes various tools such as document alert and filing screener, trending topics and sentiment analysis, news watch, insider transactions and institutional ownership analysis, ETF and mutual funds holdings, note taking, a global equity screener, and data visualization.
AlphaResearch's primary aim is to help investors make better investment decisions and executives execute better business plans, all while saving hundreds of hours of research. The platform offers three pricing plans, which also includes a 7-day free trial, and discounts for firms buying multiple seats. AlphaResearch is designed to make research and analysis easier and more efficient for anyone looking to make informed investment decisions.
Starting at $49.99/mo
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