AI-based tool for SEO-friendly articles.

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Description is an innovative AI-based writing tool that provides a fast and easy solution for creating SEO-friendly blog posts. This platform claims to deliver high-quality content written in just a few minutes, enabling users to save time and effort. With, bloggers and writers can easily generate search engine optimized content that can be indexed on Google, Google News, and other search engines.
The platform offers flexible pricing plans based on tokens which start from 10 tokens for €10.00 and go up to 500 tokens for €250.00. also boasts a high uptime guarantee of 99.9%, ensuring reliable access for its users. also features a blog section providing advice on growing businesses, the benefits of using AI to write blog posts, and how to use the platform's features. This valuable resource is designed to help users write engaging and informative content that resonates with their audience.
The platform was created by Maxence Rose, an expert in artificial intelligence technologies. is committed to helping writers and bloggers create exceptional content using advanced features provided by the platform. Secure and easy payments can be made through the stripe payment gateway, boosting productivity and making it easier to create quality content. With, users can access a powerful AI writing tool that helps them write high-quality content effortlessly.
Starting at $0.5/post
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SEO content