AI-powered website creation tool.

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Description is an AI tool that revolutionizes web page creation. The software allows users to create custom pages by simply chatting with an AI, which uses OpenAI's ChatGPT text generation model to understand user requests and generate appropriate responses. The tool also features an optional voice interface that utilizes realistic text-to-speech technology. Additionally, the platform can automatically generate images with stable diffusion that align with the user's requests. offers various templates for creating a wide range of web pages, including prompts and images with stable diffusion, mock-ups for discussion, internal tools with basic custom code, utility or informational pages, illustrated creative writing experiments, finished sites with some persistence and prompt engineering, and hyperlinks to external stylesheets. The software provides free hosting at user paths or custom subdomains at for only $5 per month.
Soon, will offer users access to templating to enhance the generation of attractive pages. To illustrate the tool's ability, one can create a page for a Dungeons & Dragons character, design a website about common birds in South Texas, generate images of frogs, or build a simple order entry and total calculator for a lemonade stand. All in all, is designed with user-friendliness in mind and is an excellent tool for effortless web page creation.
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