AI tool for academic integrity verification.

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AICheatCheck is an AI tool that has been developed with the objective of maintaining academic integrity in educational institutions. By analyzing sentence structure and readability, this tool accurately detects the presence of a GPT model, ensuring that students' work is not generated by AI. AICheatCheck boasts an accuracy rate of 99.7%, which is documented in their technical report. To understand its model better, users can refer to the tool's white paper, which details the methodology employed by the developers to achieve this high accuracy.
Although the tool is currently limited to working with the English language and is most accurate above 50 words, it is available for use by universities and companies. Prospective users can schedule demos or contact the team through their website. AICheatCheck has already been featured in several news outlets and educational platforms and is soon launching an educational tool for teachers and professors to recognize AI-written content.
To improve the product's overall user experience, AICheatCheck uses cookies. Users can find the company's Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy on the tool's website. The tool's interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to anyone who wishes to enhance academic integrity.
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