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AI prompts for product managers

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AI Assist by airfocus is a product management tool that leverages the power of AI to help users maximize their productivity. The tool is seamlessly integrated into the airfocus item descriptions and comments, offering a wide range of automated prompts. These prompts enable users to swiftly generate ideas, produce initial drafts, analyze feedback sentiments, and simplify complex technical language. This allows product managers to focus on more important tasks and strategies.
AI Assist uses a series of powerful slash commands and editing suggestions to provide users with quick and efficient solutions. These commands help to streamline repetitive tasks to enable users to focus on more critical work. The tailored prompts provided by AI Assist are specially designed for product managers. They include detailed user stories, product requirement documents, and an avenue to convert technical terminology into easy-to-understand language.
In essence, AI Assist is a valuable solution that provides product managers with the tools they need to be more productive and save time. This tool is an excellent choice for product managers that want to maximize the potential of AI and take their productivity to the next level. AI Assist is accessible, user-friendly, and can be accessed through the airfocus platform.
Starting at $19/mo
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