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The /ai Chrome Extension is a powerful AI assistant designed to optimize web browsing. This browser extension operates invisibly and responds to any user text prompt with relevant actions or information, utilizing OpenAI's API. By typing /ai plus a request in any text field, users receive quick and optimized responses without storing any personalized data. While it may collect limited anonymous usage data to enhance product features, it does not store any sensitive information such as names, addresses, or payment details.
For safe and secure browsing, the /ai Chrome Extension blocks access to any such sensitive information, not recording any keystrokes or selling user data. Although it has no direct relationship with OpenAI or ChatGPT, this tool utilizes OpenAI's API for generating responses to prompts.
The easy-to-install tool is available for a fee of $19, catering to a wide spectrum of users like busy individuals and small business owners. The tool proves to be a valuable asset to anyone seeking quick, accurate responses on their browser and streamlining their workflow. Additionally, the tool redirects users to an external site to process account and payment information for utmost security and privacy.
Starting at $19
  • https://typeslashai.com/?ref=spottheai
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