AI co-pilot for engineering leadership

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Ace is an innovative AI co-pilot tool created with engineering leaders in mind. This powerful software has been designed to alleviate the burdens of repetitive tasks, burnout, and stagnation that can affect both engineering managers and developers in fast-paced working environments.
Ace automates mentorship, development, and feedback in dev teams, enabling managers to focus on developing their leadership skills and inspiring their team to achieve their potential. With an array of features such as OKRs, skilled matrix, meetings, tests and surveys, webinars, blog and community, Ace identifies strengths and areas of improvement, offering actionable insights on how to build the necessary skills, along with providing mentor and material recommendations.
Ace facilitates the promotion of outperforming candidates by analyzing their career paths and the goals set, helping managers create tailored growth plans. The tool will also generate meeting agendas to address potential burnout issues among team members.
Ace provides detailed analytics and recommendations on improving developer productivity, such as the introduction of mentor sessions or courses, and optimizing the balance between time spent in meetings and coding. Ace regularly updates growth plans based on reviews, feedback, working activity, and business goals, while also providing access to a curated knowledge base for developers.
Overall, Ace is an invaluable tool for engineering leaders looking to automate people growth, retain top performers, and improve their team's performance and skills. Users can easily access Ace on their website, which offers a user-friendly interface.
Starting at $149/mo
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